// 2022 January 20
How To Start a Career in Programming
I hesitate to tell others I am a programmer. I think the job title gets glamorized. The truth is it can be tedious, frustrating, even sometimes lonely. Not only that, but I can tell it's glamorized because 3 out of 5 people who ask me about it will…
// 2022 January 05
Constructing Polyhedrons with JavaScript
I wanted to know if I could program and animate SVGs without the assistence of a third-party software such as Adobe Illustrator. Don't get me wrong, I still use Adobe Creative Suite, but I want to bridge the gap between design and development…
// 2021 December 28
Shopify in Nuxt Setup
Install Shopify for Nuxt found here Create Shopify App Add Photo Shopify GraphiQL App Installer
// 2021 December 28
Authorization: JWT > Cookies
The holidays got me thinking about cookies a LOT, so I wanted to write about cookies on the web. Enjoy! Can You Trust Cookies? 🍪 When a client established a connection with a server, the server would set a cookie to remember for the future. Cookies…
cover image for Dynamic Themes with GatsbyJS
// 2021 April 18Dynamic Themes with GatsbyJSI was bored this Saturday and decided to try something. I wasn't exactly sure how possible it would be since GatsbyJS generates static pages. Naively I thought whatever gets thrown into gatsby-config.js would be static as well... The answer is…
cover image for Intro to GraphQL
// 2020 November 14Intro to GraphQLUsing Github's Public API to understand what GraphQL can offer: Github REST API (v3) Github GraphQL API Explorer (v4) To see what Github's REST API (v3) can provide we can go to the parent route ( ) which will list all of the…
cover image for React Context with Hooks
// 2020 October 12React Context with HooksI'm having a lot of fun with React. As much as I appreciate the structure class components provide, it does however take a lot of effort to write out and can get complex very quickly if not careful. Using function components have been a breeze…
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